Vladimir Stepanov 1950 – 1960

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The Lumière Gallery and the Still Art Foundation present a new monograph by the author Vladimir Stepanov
“Vladimir Stepanov 1950-1960,” Still Art Foundation and Galerie Lumière, 2023
In February 2023, Galerie Lumière and the Still Art Foundation will present a monograph by Vladimir Stepanov. The album includes the best shots from the unique Moscow series that the photographer captured in the 1950s and 1960s. He walks the streets and boulevards, looks into the courtyards – takes pictures of real life. His innate talent, delicate taste and fresh look at the future of photography helped him to reproduce the uniqueness of the moment, mood, details of everyday life and the texture of the time incredibly accurately. Thanks to his work we have evidence of a Moscow that no longer exists.
The introductory articles for the book Vladimir Stepanov 1950-1960 were written by photography historian Darya Panayotti, founder of the Lumiere Gallery Natalia Grigorieva-Litvinskaya, and Elena Karisalova, founder of the Still Art Foundation. Graphic designer Evgeny Korneev, founder of the Razdizayn bureau, designed the album in the unique style of the Still Art and Lumière Gallery series, an exploration of the Soviet photography period.
“His Moscow series, gaining a place in the author’s biography and in the history of late-Soviet photography, looks truly like a monument to the era,” writes photography historian Daria Panayotti.


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