Andrey Knyazev 1960-1990

Галерея Люмьер / Still Art

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The Lumiere Gallery and the Still Art Foundation present a new album “Andrei Knyazev 1960-1990” by a classic of Soviet photography

This monograph by Andrei Knyazev (1932-2003) is the fruit of ten years’ work by the Lumiere Gallery curators on the unique authorial fund of the photographer who devoted himself to cinema, fashion and the image of a Soviet woman in the 1960s-1990s.

This is the fourth book in a unique series of monographs by the classics of Soviet Russian photography of the 20th century. The first ones, “Naum Granovsky 1920-1980”, “Vladimir Lagrange 1960-1990” and “Alexander Rodchenko 1920-1930” were published a few years ago and became bestsellers in Russia among admirers of both the history of our country and the photographic art in which the Lumiere Gallery has been doing research since 2001.

The monographs are issued within the framework of the educational publishing program that is jointly organized by the Galerie Lumière and the Still Art Cultural Foundation.

The design of the series is developed and supported by Razdizayn Studio.

The books are published in limited editions of not more than 1000 copies.

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