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Центр Фотографии им. Братьев Люмьер

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The sixties were a romantic era of the dream of universal brotherhood of people and nations. Its glow can still be seen in the photographs of that time. The series “Anthology of Russian Photography of the Twentieth Century” opened with the publication devoted to the sixties and seventies years of photographic art. That was the time when such names as Lev Borodulin, Vasily Egorov, Leonid Zhdanov, Rimantas Dikhavichyus, Vladimir Lagrange and many others were born in the Soviet photography. It was the “sixties” who showed the world that people in the USSR had the same faces, the same feelings as people in other countries. It was that period that brought “club” photography to the USSR, a variety of artistic genres and techniques. This book is an encyclopedia of the authors of the 1960s and the 1970s. Each author has managed to transgress the ideological boundaries of that complicated period and to show it to us in his own way, in his own unique manner.

This edition of PHOTO 60-70 has been included in the “Anthology of Russian Photography of the 20th Century”, a project of Galerie Lumière designed to reflect the state of Russian photography in the period of the 1920s through the 1990s. “The Anthology” brings together famous journalists and independent “amateurs,” reporters and photographers. The book brings together the photographs of 91 of the most important authors of this period – famous journalists and independent “amateurs,” masters of “club photography,” reporters and photographers.

Introductory articles are written by Mikhail Sidlin, a connoisseur of Russian and Soviet photography, and Natalia Grigorieva-Lytvinskaya, the founder of the Lumiere Gallery.

The album is published in Russian.

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