The History of European Photography (3 parts, 6 books)

FOTOFO and The Central European House of Photography

198 000

The History of European Photography (1900 – 2000) is an international research project spanning the whole of Europe. The project’s main aim is to publish an encyclopaedia in English (5000 copies per volume, about 600 pages per book), divided into three volumes / periods, volume 1 – 1900 – 1938, volume 2 – 1939-1970, volume 3 1971 – 2000. Each volume of the encyclopaedia will be organized alphabetically by country. A study on the history of photography in each country will be written by an expert on photography from that country. Alongside the main studies, each book will contain extensive additional material, biographies of mentioned photographers, and timetables marking cultural, socio-political and technical photographic events in each country for a given period. There will be two types of indices in each book: an index of mentioned photographers and an index of other historical names and subjects.

The project is coordinated by Prof. Václav Macek, chairman of FOTOFO association, professor at the University of Performing Arts, Bratislava, and director of the Month of Photography festival, Bratislava.

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