The Icons of the 1990s (Иконы 1990-ых)

Центр Фотографии им. Братьев Люмьер

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The Icons of the 90s project is more than 300 works by leading Russian photographers, mostly in the genre of reportage portraits, which most directly and accurately convey the atmosphere of the era and the true nature of its characters.

Famous people of those years, idols, who played a major role in the fate of Russia, leaving a trace in its culture, politics, science, sports and business.

Photographers of the 1990s represent a new visual culture that allows photography to go beyond reportage or portraiture. Photography becomes a new kind of art, combining the realism of the method with the author’s vision.

A whole generation of photographers emerged who revealed themselves in the late 80’s and 90’s.

The album is published in Russian

Number of pages 240

Circulation 2000 

Вес: 1.5 кгДxШxВ: 245x320x см

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