The Soviet Markov-Greenberg Era (Советская эпоха Маркова-Гринберга)

Центр Фотографии им. Братьев Люмьер

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The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography has published a photo album, The Soviet Markov-Greenberg Era. The book includes about 100 of the legendary reporter’s best photographs. This is the first edition of the master’s photographic works in Russia. Mark Markov-Grinberg was one of those photographers who not only mastered, but also created the language of reporter’s photography. Historical truth, the history of the state in the photos in different periods of life – from collectivization to the Great Patriotic War and the first flights into space – is interesting not only to fans of photography, but also to those who study and are interested in the history of the country. After all, photos never lie. To the attentive viewer they will tell much more than volumes of encyclopedias.

Photographs “Soldier’s Oath”, “For the Motherland”, “At the Kursk Bulge” became famous in the genre of war reportage, and the portrait of miner Nikita Izotov and diptych “From Now and Forever” are among civilian works. Mark Markov-Greenberg participated in many Soviet photo exhibitions. He is a prize winner of all-Union and foreign photographic exhibitions.

Markov-Greenberg’s photographic works were exhibited at exhibitions in Australia, France, England, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Singapore, Hungary, Romania, Poland and other countries.

The album is published in Russian.

Number of pages 160

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