Moscow Photographic Collections (Московские фотографические коллекции)

Центр Фотографии им. Братьев Люмьер

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This publication is a catalog of the Moscow Photographic Collections exhibition organized by the Lumière Brothers Photogallery.

The Moscow Photographic Collections exhibition is a landmark event. In Russia a mass viewer will see real photography, valuable vintages and look at it as an object of lust and passion of a true collector for the first time. And this will happen in the year when the auction at Sothedy’s set a new record for the value of a photograph – almost 3 million dollars, when the largest European photography fair Paris-Photo will open for the 10th time, and the American Association of Photography Dealers AIPAD welcomes the best into its ranks for the 27th consecutive year.

This does not mean that we are behind the civilized world, just that for the last 90 years we have not had enough of it. Collecting photographic archives was the destiny of specialized institutions and a very small group of visionary collectors. But times have changed.

The Lumiere Brothers Photo Gallery, in all 5 years of its existence, has not only helped its friends to enrich their collections, but has collected its own, some of which is represented in the exhibition. The works of Lev Borodulin, Alexander Ustinov, Boris Ignatovich, Yakov Khalip and Naum Granovsky, worthy of museum walls and auction catalogs, are not a complete list of the exhibits. Rare works by Alexander Grinberg and Alexander Khlebnikov from the collection of Sergey Volkov can be seen at the exhibition; the collection of Lev and Alexander Borodulin is represented by the guests, who are not frequent on the Moscow art scene: Dmitry Baltermants, Yakov Ryumkin, Max Alpert. Natalia and Alexey Loginovs, owners of one of the largest collections of pictorial photography, showed works by Maxim Dmitriev, Yuri Eremin, Anatoly Trapani; Alex Lachman offered works by Georgy Petrusov.

Moscow collectors are also enthusiastic about Western masterpieces. The exhibition also includes the sensational Serge Jacques series of photographs of Parisian prostitutes by Alexandra Vertinskaya and Emelyan Zakharov, works by Henri Cartier Bresson from the collection of Alexander Kholod, and the “In & Out fashion” series by William Klein from the 1950s-60s, from the collection of Eduard Litvinsky.

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