Modern photography in detail (Современная фотография в деталях)


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Why take a self-portrait and obscure your own face with a light bulb?

Or take an underexposed photo on purpose?

And why photograph the ceiling?

In Modern Photography in Detail, Jackie Higgins stands up for modern photography. Selecting 100 images-with a special emphasis on works from the last 20 years-she takes a detailed look at everything that moved the author to create a particular creation and parses the technique of its execution. This is how she brings to the surface the hidden meaning and craftsmanship of works that were originally rejected for lack of focus, overexposure, or poor composition.

After reading this book, you will learn how photographs can erase the boundaries between fantasy and reality and how they stop time. And, most importantly, you’ll realize that every photograph is much more than just “point and click the shutter.

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