Michelangelo. Andrei Konchalovsky’s Journey Back in Time by Sasha Gusov

La Fabrica

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After the international recognition of his photographic work thanks to the publication of the volume The Bolshoi –edited by La Fábrica–, the Russian artist Sasha Gusov once again surprises us with a work that makes us privileged spectators of the life of one of the most fascinating men. of history: Michelangelo. This book, born from the happy collaboration between the Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky and Shasa Gusov, is a photographic diary that not only portrays the backstage of the filming of the film The Sin (“The Sin”), but also observes with extraordinary depth the faces From the past. Photographs that look like paintings from the Quatrocento, and that starkly and precisely show us the actors in meditative poses and in moments of greatest concentration, black and white that bring us closer to the psychology of Renaissance man and lights and shadows that reflect his constant search for beauty. Living in London, Sasha Gusov works for multiple newspapers and magazines (The Daily Telegraph or Vogue) and image and photography companies. He is the author of Shooting Images (2001) and co-author with A. Navrozov of Italian Carousel (2003). He has also worked for influential clients such as Christie’s or Sotheby’s.
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