Icons 1960-1980 (Иконы 1960-1980)

Центр Фотографии им. Братьев Люмьер

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The book, prepared by the Lumière Brothers Center, is about those for whose sake the whole family sat down in front of an old TV set, whose songs were transcribed on prehistoric tape recorders with big reels, whose films we watched a hundred times, whose records and discoveries we were proud of…

It’s a rendezvous with your favorite actors and directors, singers and artists, musicians and scientists… Among the unique works are photos of Yuri Nikulin and Yevgeny Leonov, young Alla Pugacheva, who came to star in a Central Television program for the first time, and Georgy Zhzhenov photographed in a hospital ward for his foreign passport… The favorite heroes of the whole country are seen by the sharp eye of the best photographers of those years: Yakov Khalip, Mikola Gnisyuk, Lev Sherstennikov, Igor Palmin, Vasily Yegorov, Vladimir Plotnikov, Miroslav Murazov, Vladimir Musaelyan and many others. Their pictures retained the immediate emotionality of the time and the scale of the characters’ personalities.

The book “Icons 1960-1980” offers viewers a meeting with the past. The part of it that one wants to take into the future.

The book includes 147 photos by 38 authors, which take their rightful place in the “Anthology of Russian Photography of the 20th Century”.

The album is published in Russian

Number of pages 242

Circulation 3000 

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