Eyemazing: The New Collectible Art Photography

Thames & Hudson

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Challenging photography from the magazine that has become a source of inspiration and information for photographers, curators, and collectors

Eyemazing magazine has been at the vanguard of art photography journals for the past decade. Under the singular vision of its founder, Susan Zadeh, the award-winning magazine has championed the most collectible and daringly original art photography today.

This book brings together work by 130 photographers that has appeared in Eyemazing over the last ten years, including images by Michael Ackerman, Bettina Rheims, Sally Mann, and Roger Ballen, and by emerging talents whose first international exposure has been in the magazine. The photographs are organized into two sections, “Dreams and Memories of a Past Life” and “Our Body, Our Cage. Our Body, Our Home,” and are accompanied by supporting essays and profiles of the artists.

Sensual and beautiful yet often shocking, dark, and surreal, the photographs in this new publication define the possibilities of contemporary art photography. 423 color illustrations

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