Conquest. Heir to the Avant-Garde Jacob Khalip (Покорение. Наследник авангарда Яков Халип)

Центр Фотографии им. Братьев Люмьер

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“Conquest. Heir to the Avant-garde Yakov Khalip” is the first retrospective book by the classic of Russian photography Yakov Khalip, based on the rich family archive of the photographer and the collection of the Lumiere Gallery.

This publication is the first comprehensive study of Yakov Khalip’s oeuvre, tracing his path from his first works in the second half of the 1920s as a photographer at film studios, where he met and worked under A. Rodchenko, B. Barnet, L. Kosmatyi, and N. Okhlopkov. This is the first time the material in this section has been collected together and attributed. Photographic avant-garde experience” section includes works by Yakov Khalip, which became a part of the golden fund of Russian photo-avant-garde. Professional maturity of the photographer fell on crucial events in the Russian history of the XX century, therefore the book also contains the most important reports by Khalip from the expedition to rescue the heroes-Papanin from the Arctic station North Pole-1, from the fronts of World War II, which Khalip experienced together with the poet K. Simonov, as well as postwar reports from the Union and abroad for the leading magazines.

The photographs are supplemented with unique materials from the family archive: book and journal publications, covers, original maps of the expedition, telegrams, thematic sets of postcards, homemade albums and much more.

Introductory articles to the book’s sections are written by Alexander Lavrentiev, doctor of art history, curator of the Rodchenko and V. Stepanova, and Arthur Chilingarov and Alexei Simonov.

The album is bilingual in Russian and English.

Number of pages 160


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