Bond: Photographed by Terry O’Neill: The Definitive Collection

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Documented by one of the world’s greatest photographers: Terry O’Neill Contributions by actors including George Lazenby and Jane Seymour

Includes rare and unseen images

The perfect gift for James Bond fans

Terry O’Neal got his first opportunity to photograph Sean Connery as James Bond in the film Goldfinger. From that moment, O’Neal’s bond with Bond emerged: a lasting legacy that survived into the Daniel Craig era. It was O’Neill who captured Connery’s crude and roguish pictures on the set, and it was O’Neill who created the super-smart Roger Moore in Live and Let Die. His images of Honore Blackman as Pussy Galore are also important because they emphasize the vital role of women in the world of James Bond. But it’s Terry O’Neill’s casual shots on the set of a mischievous Connery strolling through a Las Vegas casino or Roger Moore dancing on a bed with Madeline Smith that show a different side of the world’s most recognizable spy. Terry O’Neil opens his archive to give readers–and viewers–a chance to delve into the magnificent world of James Bond. The lush color and black-and-white images are complemented by O’Neill’s insights as well as a series of original essays on the world of James Bond written by BAFTA-winning screenwriter James Clarke; and recent interviews with a number of the actors featured in O’Neill’s photographs.

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